Liz Cheney Says She’s Considering a White House Run for President per Tucker Carlson (VIDEO)

How’s your Thursday going America? I bet it’s even better now that you have spit coffee or tea out of your mouths in laughter after hearing that RINO (Republican in Name Only) Liz Cheney is considering a presidential run for the White House according to Tucker Carlson.

So this mental midget thinks by siding with the left on the January 6 fiesta that took place in Washington, D.C. An event that the dolts that have put American $30 trillion in debt want you to believe was worse than the Civil War of course will back Liz Cheney, and why wouldn’t they?

She’s thinking of running on anti-Trump issues, considering they’ll turn on her the second they get the chance.

However we are talking about someone who’s virtually never really worked a hard day in her life, always running off her famous daddy’s last name.

Here’s what Tucker had to say:

If she’s really planning a run for president, I can tell you right now that there’s no way she’ll win the Republican nomination. She’s got as good a shot as Jeb Bush and you know how quickly he fizzled out.

But she’s not an idiot and probably knows this. The question is whether her hatred for Trump would embolden her to run as an independent to siphon votes away from him so that he loses. That would be my biggest concern.


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michael Bussiere
michael Bussiere
8 months ago

‘I Encourage Her to run…the out come Will Not be affect and that Bitch needs to know along Pence that’s it’s Truly ‘Game Over’ and i Don’t Give a Fuck Who they Know or What They…Now Stop Fucking Wasting Our Time, we have ‘real Work to Do…Something You know Nothing About. Bitch !

8 months ago

Maybe she’ll team up with Hillary for a run. Probably get a couple of votes

7 months ago

Hey Tucker, trump has gone in support of covid mandates now telling folks to get the booster. He fully owns the deaths and economic damage now. Not going to buy the i didn’t know they lied to me bit any more on that