Little Rock Residents on High Alert as Serial Stabber is on the Loose

Little Rock residents are on high alert as a serial stabber is on the loose in the city. The Little Rock Police Department continues its search for a suspect connected with four stabbings.

Officials with the LRPD have recorded a statement about their safety concerns for Little Rock citizens.

In nine months, Little Rock police have reported four stabbings that involve the same suspect. LRPD posted to their Facebook page about how many calls and messages they have received with possible suspect information.

A licensed clinical social worker Kimberly Bell, the stabbings are disturbing and can raise Arkansans’ level of anxiety.

“There is no clear system, it’s no every Friday at 11 o’clock, it’s not a particular woman, it’s not a heavy-set woman or a light skin thin female,” Bell said. “ We don’t know, so there’s not enough evidence or enough information to pinpoint that.”

According to police, out of the four stabbings, only one person survived. Police say that the victim was a 43-year-old woman who was stabbed more than 15 times in the 1900 block of S. Pulaski St. They said the other three victims were ages 40, 62, and 64.

Little Rock City Board Director Ken Richardson said one of those victims was found in his ward.

“I think that I’m concerned about any criminal, whether it’s this current thing that we’re dealing with now or criminal activity in the past not just for Ward 2, but for any ward in the city,” Richardson said. “I think that public safety is our priority on the city board of directors.”

However, Bell said with the public not having a clear profile on who the suspect is, it can be harmful to the case.

“We can’t control for the sporadic nature of these events. We can begin to speculate, sometimes speculation does more harm than good honestly,” Bell said. “We can almost add to people’s anxiety with speculation if we’re not careful.”

Officials with the LRPD said last year there were three total stabbing deaths and so far this year there have been two.

Police said if you have any information about the suspect you are urged to call the police at 501-371-4636.

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Lorraine Burton Spiers
Lorraine Burton Spiers
1 year ago

Is there a map available for the location of the stabbings? Thanks.