Little Rock Police Officers Pull Man From Ledge of Rooftop Parking Deck, Saving His Life

Three Little Rock Police officers pulled a man from the edge of the roof of a parking garage in the River Market district on Wednesday morning saving his life.

Bodycam footage shows Officer Jim Stanchak slowly approaching the man standing on the 6th floor of the roof of a parking deck. Two other officers stood back while Stanchak spoke.

“We’re here to help you man, we’re just trying to get you some help,” Stanchak said. 

The man did not respond to the officers. In a report, Stanchak said the man lowered his head and closed his eyes “as if he was going to jump.” 

After trying to get him to surrender on his own with no response, the three officers pulled him off the ledge. He can be heard crying in the video. 

The man was then taken by ambulance for a medical evaluation.

Kudos to these amazing officers for saving a life today. Well done!

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