Little Girl Sends A Note to Santa With This Surprise Message

What would you do if Rudolph showed up at your door?

See how Justin and Emerson handled the encounter in their front yard in Buena Vista, CO.

Their Ring Video Doorbell saved the moment for mom Abbey. “We got a notice on our phone that there was motion at the door. My husband pulled the video up on the camera and noticed the reindeer. And so Emerson and her dad went down to the door to just make sure that he had the whole truth about how good they’ve been. I love seeing the cute videos and I think it’s a good reminder that there is a little Christmas magic everywhere if you’re looking for it even on your Ring video.”

Using his Ring Video Doorbell Pro, Justin Pikul saw a buck standing outside his front door in Buena Vista, Colorado. His daughter Emerson believes any deer with antlers are reindeer, so they used the opportunity to give him a last-minute message for Santa.

You never know who’ll show up at your doorstep. Thanks to our friends at Ring Doorbell for this awesome video!


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