Lisa Page is Playing the Victim, Says Trump is Obsessed with Her and Lover Peter Strzok

That’s right my friends, disgruntled FBI attorney Lisa Page is yet again playing the victim role, after it’s been proven time and time again she was part of an illegal operation to spy on the President.

Page on Twitter tweeted out on Sunday:

“More than three years later, long after his election victory, Donald Trump is still obsessed with two officials who did their jobs while personally not liking him. They are still the stars of Trump rallies, where the president performs their exchanges, grotesquely.”

Really Lisa? It’s been proven time and time again in documents that you had a massive political bias against the President, but you didn’t recuse yourself, and you as an attorney should know better.

The people that were part of the coup to overthrow the President of the United States just continue to double down on inaccuracies.

What are your thoughts on the lovely Lisa Page?

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