Lindsey Graham Tells Hannity The “Not Guilty” Vote GREW After Wednesday Impeachment Session

On Wednesday night, Senator Lindsey Graham told Sean Hannity that the “not guilty” vote grew on Wednesday after the House Impeachment Managers put on an “absurd” presentation.

This is obviously terrible news for Democrats.

Let me tell your viewers, the not guilty vote is growing after todayI think most Republicans found the presentation by the House managers offensive and absurd. We all know what happened at the Capitol was terrible,” he said.

“But I don’t remember any of these House managers saying a damn thing when they were trying to break into my house and going after Susan Collins and spitting on all of us,” he added.

Watch below:

Throughout the entire impeachment proceedings, the only “evidence” that Democrats have is HEAVILY-EDITED video clips that play to their narrative. They have chopped up hours of clips and spliced them together in the perfect sequence to make them look as damning as possible.

Thankfully, according to Graham, Trump’s acquittal is becoming more and more likely by the day.

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