Lin Wood: “President Trump Won Over 400 Electoral Votes” (VIDEO)

Lin Wood is one of the top attorneys in America, and he doesn’t pull punches. He sat down with Mark Levin and unloaded on the Democrats and the Media yesterday.

On Wednesday, attorney Lin Wood and talk show host Mark Levin weighed in on the ongoing legal challenges. The two pointed out the “real” results showed President Trump won by a massive margin.

“This election was a fraud,” stated Lin Wood, attorney for the Trump campaign. “Donald Trump won, I believe, a 70% plus landslide election in the nation. He probably won over 400 electoral votes.”

Wood reminded Americans that the Gore vs Bush situation took 36 days to resolve, and we’re only on day 15 of a much broader scale fraud and situation in our Republic. Patience is a virtue folks.

Dominion and SCYTL continue to be in the talking points among conservative circles, and even right here at The DC Patriot as our own Matt Couch has investigated the bankrupt Spanish voting system that sends data from elections back to Germany. On Tuesday Matt Couch did an interview with Tech CEO Joe Oltmann discussing his findings on Dominion’s higher ups and how they partnered with Big Tech to steal the 2020 elections.

“They’ve infiltrated our government at [the] state, local, and national level…A number of people have been corrupted by Chinese money and even subject to extortion,” the attorney claimed. “We the people are not going to let somebody come in here and take over our government and take away our freedoms.”

Wood urged Americans to ignore Joe Biden’s claims of victory and stated President Trump won this election.

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You, are absolutely HIGH…

Rev. Bob Anderson
Rev. Bob Anderson
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No…You are High.