Liberals Upset that More Males Win Westminster Dog Show than Females

As the Westminster Dog Show approaches, liberals are now in an uproar that more male dogs win the top prize over females.

Yes, this is really a thing, and they’re literally upset about it.

In the history of the dog show, which started in 1907 female dogs known as “bitches” have won it 39 times. Now before you get onto me about language, that’s seriously what the dog world calls them. Why aren’t liberals outraged at that?

Their male counterparts have won 71 times, almost twice as much.

A dog’s peak age for competition is 3 to 5 years old, which also happens to be prime breeding age for females, said Kimberly Calvacca, a professional handler and breeder from Westbury, New York.

“People don’t like to campaign females because they don’t like to jeopardize their breeding program,” said Calvacca. “Males can be used to stud anytime, and still show and breed at the same time.”

As a consequence, females are less likely to compete at Westminster, the second-oldest U.S. sporting event after the Kentucky Derby. Ahead of this year’s opening day on Monday, there were 1,220 female competitors and 1,699 male challengers enrolled in most categories, including vying to be named top dog on Tuesday at Madison Square Garden.

I’m still amazed that they’re more upset about the winning percentage, and less offended about calling the females “bitches.”

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