Liberals Call Ivanka Trump Racist Over Her White Puppy

Ivanka Trump shared a photo of the puppy she bought her daughter for her birthday on Instagram, but it seems some liberals thought it was some kind of subversive racist message.

‘Meet Winter, Arabella’s birthday dream come true,’ the first daughter wrote in the caption of the photo.

But race-obsessed liberals have accused Trump of playing the “race card” because the dog is white.In response, many liberals seemed to take exception to the choice of a white dog.

Here are some of the insane liberal comments about the dog:

© Neon Nettle

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1 year ago

donald cares much more about one white dog than about any black dog or any black, brown, yellow or red human person.

1 year ago

When I read the title, I honestly thought this was posted on a satirical website like The Onion, and I started to laugh…

1 year ago

People complain about these children being placed in “gages”, what is the government expected to do for them? How are they supposed to do it? How many of these children are with their real families, how many are truthful about the reasons these children are here? Who has all the answers? That person should be the president, no matter race, as long as they are an American citizen who loves the United States. As for the children, are there not homes out there that could provide for a child until their fate is determined. Are there not many people out… Read more »


[…] Trump is called ‘racist’ for getting a white puppy. I can only imaging the insanity if it were black or […]