LIBERALISM: New California Law Restricts Full Contact Football Practices

Yup, just when you thought the left couldn’t get any dumber, someone had a hold my Beer moment.

The following is from NBC Los Angeles:

California is limiting full-contact practices for youth football teams to reduce brain injuries.

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law Wednesday limiting full-contact practices to 30 minutes per day, twice a week. The practices are banned entirely during the offseason.

Previous state law had limited full-contact practices for middle and high school football teams to 90 minutes per day, twice per week.

The new law also requires a medical professional to be present for all games and an independent person to attend all practices. They will have the authority to remove players who show signs of an injury.

The state legislature approved the bill earlier this month with no opposition.

How insane are liberals? This only insured that you will have far more game injuries when the players go full boar when the season starts.

Liberal idiocy is killing America.

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