Liberal Media Demonizes Kansas City Chiefs Fans For Booing BLM Propaganda

Kansas City Chiefs fans who appeared to be unhappy with the NFL’s promotion of the divisive Black Lives Matter message are being savagely attacked by the leftist media. 

Before Thursday night’s nationally televised season opener, members of both the Chiefs and visiting Houston Texans gathered for a pregame “unity” display while the digital scoreboards flashed Orwellian propaganda message. 

Some of the small crowd that was allowed into Arrowhead Stadium booed during the festivities and their expression of freedom of speech which should be respected by a media that values the free exchange of ideas. 

But that is not the media that currently exists in this country and while there are conflicting accounts of what the fans were booing about, the enforcers of the totalitarian cancel culture flew into action. 

Once again, the double standard of the political left is exposed for all to see. Players are allowed their right to air their grievances but the fans who pay their salaries must sit down and shut up.

Were the fans actually booing the “unity” moment? Or were they booing the Houston Texans for hiding in the locker room during both the “Star-Spangled Banner” and the Black national anthem? 

Or were they booing the divisive Black Lives Matter propaganda on Arrowhead Stadium’s big screens; it was a scene reminiscent of sporting events in countries like North Korea and Iran?

Sportswriter Jason Whitlock of suggests that the fans booing was a rejection of the “toxic and divisive” Black Lives Matter, a violent, anti-American Marxist movement that cloaks itself in social justice. 

According to Whitlock who wrote the following in his Friday column

The booing you heard at Arrowhead Stadium Thursday night isn’t hard to understand. 

Black Lives Matter is toxic and divisive.

Some of the 17,000 Kansas City Chiefs fans allowed to attend the NFL’s season-opening Texans-Chiefs clash booed during the pregame moment of unity because the “moment” was umbrellaed by the Black Lives Matter slogan scrolled across the jumbotrons.

Mystery solved. Chiefs fans aren’t stupid. They’re informed, passionate and fearless. They love Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill. But they love their country more than the foolish players who have swallowed Black Lives Matter’s ideology, propaganda and vision for America.

Social media and the athletes addicted to Twitter and Instagram define BLM as a long-overdue fight for racial equality. Many Americans see BLM for exactly what it is — a clever disguise for Marxists and anarchists who seek to destroy American freedoms — and those citizens are growing more comfortable expressing their disdain for the BLM movement. 

The booing you heard rejected BLM, not unity.  The booing you heard rejected the rioting, looting, violence and in-your-face harassment associated with the BLM movement. 

It was a rejection of the BLM agenda which the majority of Americans see as the poison that it is. 

Such ideas are lost on the entitled multimillionaires like Texans defensive star J.J. Watt who was puzzled by the reaction and said:

“The booing was unfortunate during that moment — I don’t fully understand that, there was no flag involved, there was nothing involved in that other than two teams coming together to show unity.”

But Watt fails to understand that it has always been about the flag and more importantly the nation and our history which BLM seeks to destroy and replace with their own cruel, authoritarian utopia where dissent will be forbidden and severely punished. 

When fascism came to America it came in the guise of social justice and ending racism by embracing racism. 

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