Liberal Host Calls Michigan Congressional Candidate White Nationalist, Her Husband is Black

Liberal host Dr. Rashad Richey is quick to judgement on his show called indisputable. Unfortunately for him, that has a way of biting you in the backside quite frequently.

In a show this week, he goes after Michigan Congressional candidate in District 3, Audra Johnson, known as the “MAGA Bride” because she wore a MAGA dress for her wedding.

What triggered Dr. Richey you ask? Well apparently a segment on our own Matt Couch’s show where he interviewed Johnson about her congressional campaign in Michigan.

“Right now I look at it as it’s Patriots versus everybody. I mean, you either love the constitution, willing to stand for it, willing to fight and work for it, or you don’t, ya know.”

Really, that’s what triggered you about her? The fact that she wants you to stand for the constitution, love it, and love America? You have to be kidding me.

“Her form of patriotism is remember White Nationalism, cloaked in the form of patriotism,” Richey stated.

Um, Dr. Richey we hate to break it to you, but Audra Johnson’s Husband Jeff is Black. He’s also a career Military man who served full terms in not only the Marines, but also the Army. This is about as patriotic of a family as you can get. Did we also mention that she has four children?

So here we have yet another liberal pundit, shooting his mouth off, with no retractions, facts, just his opinions that slander and libel yet another conservative running for office or speaking her mind.

Calling a woman married to a veteran Black man a “White Nationalist” is about as asinine as it gets folks. Furthermore, nationalist means to love you country, something we know the left doesn’t, they hate America, and they hate you.

You can watch the full segment below where he brings on yet another liberal pundit who calls her crazy and a lunatic. More libel and slander from the fringe leftists in America. If you continue to watch this, they even go as far as to claim she was in the Capitol with no proof, and call her a terrorist. It’s unbelievable.


What do you think America, is it a crime to love the Constitution like the left continues to claim?

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jack johnson
jack johnson
1 year ago

What a racist moron…..didn`t Dementia Joe just warn of a possible Civil War due to the voting rights issue?