Liberal Goes Viral Making Friends at Trump Rally, Stunned at How Friendly Conservatives Were [VIDEO INSIDE]

A liberal has gone viral after an experiment somewhat backfired. Samuel Donner went to a Trump rally in Memphis, Tennessee, and he was stunned at how friendly conservatives were to him when he said “I’m a liberal, want to be friends.”

The company he’s working with “100 New Friends and Jubilee” is working to find common ground between humans.

“At the end of the day, humans have a lot more common ground than we’re lead to believe,” Samual stated.

In the videos you’ll see below, you can see how friendly Trump supporters are, in fact one woman even invited Samuel to her women’s Bible study. He accepted, and had a blast!

“Again, it’s just about starting those conversations. If you can just start those conversations, you can discover where that common ground is where it starts, and where it ends. And even where it ends, you can start that discussion.”

“Holly in that first video you showed, she invited me to her women’s Bible study class, and she was so nice. And me and my friend Malik went there, and again just a ton of empathy.”

Watch the video below:

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[…] Liberal Goes Viral Making Friends at Trump Rally, Stunned at How Friendly Conservatives Were [VIDEO … […]