Liberal Bot Accuses Fox News Charles Payne of ‘Blackface’ on Twitter

Sometimes seeing is believing, and in this case it certainly is.

Saturday morning on Twitter a liberal bot accused Fox News financial guru Charles Payne of “blackface.” No, this isn’t a joke, this actually happened.

Payne tweeted out and quoted the tweet with “LOL…Bots can be fun at times” in reference to the ridiculous tweet by an obvious bot.

The bot account tweeted “Oh…. and what about those high school pictures of you in black face? You don’t want to talk about that do you?”

Blackface of course has been the face of the Democrat party with embattled Virginia Governor Ralph Northam being exposed in a yearbook in either a KKK outfit or a blackface outfit. Then the Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General of the state followed suit with more blackface, and then credible sexual rape allegations.

It looks as though the left knows no bounds when it comes to trolling conservatives. They have one mission, to force you off the platform by trolling you, or by getting you to engage with them so they can report you in mass numbers. Truly sad the attack on free speech in America.

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