LFA Fight League Terminates UFC Hall of Famer Pat Miletch’s Contract Over 1st Amendment March in Washington D.C. (VIDEO)

The LFA Fight League, known to UFC fans as the Legacy Fighting Alliance has terminated the contract of announcer and former UFC World Champion & UFC Hall of Famer Pat Miletich.

According to Miletich, it’s because he was at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, even though he never went into the building. Miletich was even screaming for people to not break the law, not to go inside, and mentoring people to not be sheep.

I have known Pat personally for several years, in fact I spoke to him on Wednesday as I wasn’t allowed by my security team to leave the Sofitel hotel in Washington, D.C. I also didn’t make it to the Capitol after leaving the Ellipse on Wednesday afternoon early.

Pat called me to explain that it was Antifa that was leading the charge on the Capitol, and weak minded patriots were following suit. He also explained that he was informing patriots and those he was with to not go inside the Capitol, and this isn’t who we are as a movement. Pat’s exactly right.

The following is from Pat Miletich’s Instagram.

So the LFA which is part of the UFC Fight Pass is firing Miletich because he did the right thing? Did he get fired because he was exercising his first amendment rights to peacefully protest? What exactly is Pat being fired for, other than hurting the feelings of sniveling liberals everywhere?

Let’s be very clear, not one Trump supporter killed anyone at the Capitol. The officer that passed away did so because of a medical condition, and had nothing to do with the protesters. The only murdered victim was a 34-year-old female 14-year Air Force veteran named Ashli Babbitt.

So what exactly are they letting Miletich go for? That’s the question, isn’t it America.

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