Letterman Says He Would Be ‘UGLY’ to Trump if on TV

Former late night host David Letterman appeared on Today, Friday, to preview the new season of his Netflix series and to bash Donald Trump.

Asked by NBC’s Willie Geist if he missed his old CBS Late Show, Letterman said no and admitted he would be really “ugly” to Trump if still on the air. 

The host explained how he would handle Trump: “My approach would have been head on. And probably inelegant. Probably really inelegant.”

Letterman added, “The worst that can happen is now you would say something for which you would have to apologize. And I would never forgive myself if I said something so ugly that somebody would say, ‘You know, you gotta apologize.’”

Letterman concluded of Trump: “You can’t apologize to this guy.” The late night host has a history of saying “ugly things” and being forced to apologize.

In 2009, he controversially made a sex joke about a Yankee baseball player impregnating Sarah Palin’s then 14-year-old daughter.  – READ MORE

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Bill Carpenter Jr
Bill Carpenter Jr
3 years ago

Love trumps hate… unless you hate Trump. #tdsfindacure Help IS available:

The majority of Democrats in America today are hateful brainwashed petty shameless conniving ill-mannered morally-bankrupt intellectually-dishonest guiltless Godless greedy anti-American self-serving egomaniacal mentally-disturbed disingenuous hypocrites and Useful Idiots.

3 years ago

too late. Dave’s ugly already