Legendary Conservative Actor Jon Voight: ‘It’s Not Over’

With America now on the precipice of an era of authoritarian darkness, legendary actor Jon Voight has delivered a message of perseverance and hope. 

In a short video posted to social media, the acclaimed conservative artist sought to boost spirits after a week during which Congress rubber-stamped the installment of Joe Biden into the White House and President Trump was banned from all of the major internet platforms.

The Academy Award winner whose career has spanned six decades has become a hated figure in far-left Hollywood for his support of Trump as well as his staunch Christian conservative values and like fellow legend Clint Eastwood, he doesn’t give a damn what the degenerates think of him.

Voight who has been an unwavering supporter of Trump and his America First agenda praised the historic president for his “four years of hard work and love for America” and made it clear that violence is not the answer to answering the malevolent corruption of the swamp. 

According to Voight:

“My fellow Americans, we shall not weep, but let us give thanks to President Trump for his four years of hard work and love for America.”

“Let us not put our heads down, let us rise and look to a better future. Let us praise God; let us understand his plan is far greater.”

“I know all are disappointed, but this violence is not who we are, we’re love, respect, honor. The ones who destroyed will be accountable, but the ones who truly wanted to share love and respect will be heard.”

“Let us put aside our differences and let America grow,” the veteran actor says. “Let her stand again with pride, and we as a nation will hold on to the love that President Trump shared with us all.”

“It’s not over,” “The truths of justice will prevail, for God’s glory shall as well. Love to you.”

n another video previously posted on Twitter, the 81-year-old patriot warned:

“We’re heading down a street that has no name now. We must not allow our nation to crumble. This is what they want, to destroy America. Let me warn you all that we are in great danger if we fall under a Biden administration.”

Unfortunately, that day is less than two weeks away and Democrats including Biden are already preparing to pass new laws and like Barack Obama, weaponize federal agencies against their political opponents. 

Voigt has also previously ripped Democrats who he said are “destroying this country with evil propaganda and ignorance” and that anti-Trump celebs are “polluted with disgrace and have no idea what truly to believe in.”

Voight’s career has spanned six decades during which he has appeared in such iconic classics as Deliverance, Midnight Cowboy, Heat, Runaway Train, Enemy Of The State, and Coming Home for which he won the Best Actor Oscar for his stunning portrayal of a paraplegic Vietnam vet and deserved extra credit for having to work alongside “Hanoi” Jane Fonda, an insufferable America hater who frolicked with the enemy during the war.

He was honored by President Trump last year at the White House with the National Medal Of Arts award for his excellence. 

By his words Jon Voight’s love for America is apparent and even in these uncertain times, millions still hold the belief that this is a nation of hope and greatness just as he and President Trump do. 

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Al Hauff
Al Hauff
1 year ago

Right you are Jon. The American Dream is not over. We must return to our values of God and Country returning the fight fight.

1 year ago

I hope you’re right but my hope is quickly diminishing. Even if they hadn’t cheated and stolen this election, they probably would have assassinated him. Actually shocked they haven’t already. The dims have truly lost their minds. And I fear, we have lost our free nation.

1 year ago

Today, I’m ashamed of my country. I’m ashamed of “Republicans”, I’m ashamed of Big Tech, I’m ashamed of the “news”, I’m ashamed of corporations, the PGA, and so on. I’m disgusted and tired of cowering, yellow bellied sympathizers or flat out corrupt individuals. I am one person, with no platform, no voice, and certainly not someone who will reach the masses, but do I wish I could. For more than four years, the left has been allowed to incite, pander, provoke, lie, make excuses…we’ve watched Congress use their power to do nothing to work for the American people and everything… Read more »