Brent Musburger, the legendary broadcaster recently appeared on the JT The Brick Show, (John Tounour is a sports talk radio host based in Las Vegas, Nevada) said, “The takedown of Jon Gruden was one of the best hit jobs he’s ever seen.”

Musburger is currently the radio play-by-play voice of the Las Vegas Raiders, the NFL franchise that parted ways with Gruden after the infamous email leaks.

Gruden’s emails were uncovered as part of a league investigation into an alleged toxic workplace culture created by the Washington Football Team and their owner Daniel Snyder. More than 650,000 emails were reportedly investigated, causing many to question why Gruden’s offensive messages are the only ones being leaked. The investigation revealed offensive language used by Gruden, his own wrongdoing, led to his downfall.

Musburger told JG,  “As I told Coach, whoever took you out, Jon, that was a paid assassin. That was one of the best hit jobs that I’ve ever been around. They didn’t go to their media goombahs. They didn’t leak this to Adam Schefter or one of those guys that breaks stories. They first went to the Wall Street Journal. And when Gruden was still coaching after that, then they dumped the rest of it on the New York Times. That was a professional hit job.”

Gruden is currently suing the NFL for what his lawyers described as a concerted effort by the league to ruin his career.

Musburger wouldn’t go as far as saying the NFL was behind the leak. “I wanna tell everybody that I’m not completely sure it was someone in the NFL. There was a second lawsuit involved, O.K., between the owner Daniel Snyder of Washington and a former general manager. And that means that a lot of outside people had access to those emails that were going through. So, I think the hardest part for Gruden’s lawyers to prove is that somebody from the National Football League actually leaked that. Because if it is somebody from the NFL, shame on them.

Musburger added, “I wish that Coach Gruden had been suspended for four, five, or six games. I didn’t think that Jon’s career should be ruined by his stupidity, it had been so long ago.”

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