Leftist Mob and Media Attack Marjorie Taylor Greene Because She Says Satan Tempts Christians to Sin (VIDEO)

That’s right sports fans, the radical left and the mainstream media is at it again. This time outraged that Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green has made the comments that Satan Tempts Christians to do the wrong thing.

You don’t say, really? If you’re a Christian in America this is a fundamental belief and principled belief of Christians in America and around the globe.

Angry leftist attorney and Rob Filipkowski couldn’t wait to pounce on this video of Greene stating that Satan tempts Christians to get abortions. Why yes Rob he does, and MGT isn’t wrong. If you are a Christian and believe the Bible, then you’d know this to be a fact, not a theory or a conspiracy theory as those on the looney left believe.

The fact that the left who basically worships Satan are attacking Greene shows just how over the target she truly is.

If you claim to be a Christian but you are for Abortion, you are no Christian. Someone has to say it, it’ll be me as usual. If you think it’s okay to be LGBTQ and you claim to be a Christian, you’re also living in sin and you’re wrong yet again. Shall I continue?

The beacon of hope for Christian in America Ted Lieu is super duper pissed off also about Greene’s comments. You know, because the guy that runs around the Ed Buck who’s constantly having sex with homeless gay dudes is the voice of reason when it comes to Christian in America…

Jack Posobiec said exactly what I said earlier. This is a simple and fundamental Christian belief if you are a Christian. If you’re a satanist, of course Greene’s thoughts offend you.

What are your thoughts America, are you tired of the radical left trying to condemn and attack anything and everything Christians do in America. No one hates Christians more in America than Democrats and the Media.

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