LEAKED! ShareBlue Encourages Members to Capitalize on Epstein ‘Suicide’ and Attack Trump

This is absolutely disgusting America.

What you are about to read below is an email sent out by a Funding arm of the Democratic Party known as ShareBlue.

Inside this email you will see they are coaching their members to use the Epstein apparent “Suicide” as a political stunt to attack President Trump.

1.) The very first bulletin in the leaked email is to remind people of allegations against President Trump. Yet nothing of course is said about Bill Clinton who rode on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” 27 times to Orgy Island..

This is absolutely sickening, and that’s why we felt the need to show you this.

What are your thoughts on ShareBlue using the alleged suicide of Jeffrey Epstein as a political move to attack President Trump?

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.*'*Not Sure*'*. (@ItsWhtPlntsCrAv)

Brock is a card-carrying member of #ClubPed. He used to fight against the Clintons, then suddenly became their errandboy. Now look @ him desperately trying to “stop far right conspiracies”… but “DO NOT LINK TO THE ACTUAL DOCUMENTS OF THE EPSTEIN CASE. We wouldn’t want our audience to look at actually source docs. They might find out the truth and thatll cause a mass NPC meltdown”

Daniel Brofford
Daniel Brofford
2 years ago

I’ve heard not only was the Clintons at Epstein’s island a bunch of times but so was Schiff, Schumer, Booker, Cummings, Lewis, And a bunch of other democrats including the women like pelosi, waters, Lee, and that ugly black monkey the one who wears the cowboy hat. I have been writing to the DOJ and FBI to investigate all of this. I will continue to write to them every week until we get something done. I suggest that others do the same. If we flood these places with demands of an investigation there is a much better chance of that… Read more »


[…] LEAKED! ShareBlue Encourages Members to Capitalize on Epstein ‘Suicide’ and Attack Trump […]

Lincoln McKee Gaffney
Lincoln McKee Gaffney
2 years ago

I think you are as unstable as Donald. You DO realize that Epstein was in federal custody right? And yet Trump retweets a ranting raving conspiracy theorist, even though this happened on his watch?? LOL. “Deny, deny, deny, counteraccuse”