Lawsuit Filed Against Democrats For Censoring Americans Tweets About Election Outcome

As you know there’s a lot of talk about audits in not just Arizona, but soon to be Nevada, Michigan, and Georgia, and at the height of those talks is censorship.

When Americans began to question what was happening during the 2020 elections, they were censored, told they couldn’t question the outcome of an election, and deplatformed, suspended, or banned from Facebook, Twitter, among other sites.

That’s right, the supposed freest nation in the world was censoring its citizens and their ability to question something that they didn’t like. Something you’d see in Communist or Marxist regimes. Now a new lawsuit has been filed.

The lawsuit has been filed to hold government officials accountable for what they did. Conspiring with private companies to achieve was is a violation of First Amendment rights.

The Center for American Liberty has just sued the California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, his agents, and Twitter for their plot to stifle dissent during the 2020 election. Dhillon Law and Liberty Center founder Harmeet Dhillon announced the massive legal case on Thursday.

“We at [Liberty Center] just filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against former CA Secretary of State turned US Sen. Alex Padilla, #Twitter, and more for the Govt’s role in Twitter banning attorney Rogan O’Handley,” Dhillon notes.

In the Center for Liberty’s press release it points to the discriminatory practices brought against conservative commentator and lawyer Rogan Handley.

Like many expressing concerns over the 2020 election, Rogan found himself the target of the California Office of Elections Cybersecurity. From November 2020 to February 2021, Rogan tweeted a series of messages—calling for an audit of every California ballot, a commission to study the 2020 election results, and raising concern over voter fraud—only to be swiftly “flagged” by leftist operatives working as an agent of the California Secretary of State who in turn instructed Twitter to remove Rogan’s tweets.

But that is not the worst of it…

In February 2021, Twitter permanently suspended Rogan altogether for tweeting, “Most votes in American history.” This tweet proved too much for the snowflakes at Twitter who in turn permanently suspended his account for supposedly violating “rules about election integrity.”

The actions of then California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, his agents, and Twitter are outrageous. Government cannot censor speech on the basis of viewpoint, but that is exactly what happened here.

Documents that are part of a new lawsuit show that the State of California had a “rapid response team” that flagged election tweets for removal by Twitter.

“California Democrats have access to a rapid response team at Twitter, which takes down tweets at the request of Democrats,” Cernovich stated.

Can you imagine if Republicans had a digital response team that was getting liberals tweets removed. The wall to wall media coverage would be unstoppable from the mainstream media.

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