President Donald Trump wrote in a series of tweets early Wednesday afternoon saying, 

“We will NOT stand for looting, arson, violence, and lawlessness on American streets. My team just got off the phone with Governor Evers who agreed to accept federal assistance (Portland should do the same!).”   “TODAY, I will be sending federal law enforcement and the National Guard to Kenosha, Wisconsin to restore LAW and ORDER!”

This action comes after the state’s Democratic Governor Tony Evers acceded to the presence of such forces.  Evers had declined help earlier this week.  On Tuesday, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said Governor Evers had declined to call on federal troops.

Some are thinking this move could further escalate tensions between Black Lives Matter protesters and law enforcement. Demonstrators have taken to the streets daily and nightly in response to the police shooting of Jacob Blake over the weekend.  But this move by President Trump will more than likely put an end to nonsensical nonsense.  

At least three people were shot during the protests overnight in Kenosha, some 40 miles south of Milwaukee, and two of the victims died from their injuries, according to the Kenosha Police Department. The third gunshot victim was taken to a hospital with “serious, but non-life-threatening injuries,” police said.

Multiple videos of the incident and alleged murderer were shared on social media. The suspect, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse , the alleged gunman, was arrested Wednesday in Antioch, Illinois, police said.  Rittenhouse is expected to be charged in Kenosha County with first-degree intentional homicide, police said. 

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Bob Kenney
Bob Kenney
1 year ago

Obviously, at this point we all know it was self-defense against the three rioters who were trying to attack
him, the survivor of the three had a handgun in his right hand, and was getting ready to shoot Kyle when Kyle
headed him off at the pass and shot the attackers right bicep off, preventing the attacker from shooting.