Laura Loomer Despite Being Banned Trends #1 on Twitter All Night

Despite being censored by the liberals that run Twitter, conservative journalist Laura Loomer trended all night Thursday. Laura handcuffed herself to Twitter headquarters in New York City, in protest of being wrongfully banned by the tech giant.

Many conservatives showed their support for Laura Loomer, but only a few of the blue check marks like our good friend Dinesh D’Souza had the testicular fortitude to sound off about Loomer.

Conservative influencer and CRTV host Michelle Malkin fired off and gave props to Loomer on Laura Ingraham’s Fox program “The Ingraham Angle” Thursday night.

Project Veritas founder and former Loomer employer James O’Keefe fired off this tweet. I happen to agree with him, 99% of conservatives and blue check mark conservatives couldn’t be bothered with standing with Loomer and free speech.

Mark Dice took aim at Never Trumping Ben Shapiro, who most in the MAGA movement are growing tired of. Between his anti-trump antics, and tirades Ben just seems to not like anyone who has a backbone.

I spoke to Laura briefly tonight, and she told me Thank You for keeping her in our prayers. I encourage all of you do do so, it’s needed. Laura is a good friend, and has always had my back. We’re investigating the Las Vegas shooting together, among other things. We cannot do this alone, and we need strong minded and willed Patriots to stand with us.

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