Latest Biden Attempt to Lower Gas Prices Shows the Light is on But No One’s Home..

Like most Democrat administrations in the modern era, gas prices have exploded during Joe Biden’s tenure. The national average is hovering around $4.10 a gallon, nearly double what it cost the day Biden was declared the winner in the 2020 election against Donald Trump.

While the Biden administration loves to claim the rise is solely the responsibility of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the upward trend began more than a year before the invasion. That is largely due to Biden’s anti fossil fuel policies.

Biden was very clear during his campaign that his intentions were to end the use of fossil fuels. As president, he’s shut down pipelines and frozen federal leases. The United States, after becoming energy independent under Donald Trump, is once again reliant on foreign tyrants.

The Biden administration is in the process of trying to sell us another genius idea and announce it to help lower gas prices. Is Biden going to  open up domestic drilling or give the thumbs up to more pipelines, or open up new leases that are easier to comply and cheaper to drill? 

Not a chance. His big idea now is to allow an E15 blend during the summer months. This is a poor excuse for an attempt of trying to save fuel costs. In the long haul, this will do more damage than good. E15 is a garbage blend that will harm an engine in many instances, and gets lets mileage per gallon than traditional mixtures. This means even if the cost per gallon is lowered by a few cents, a driver will likely spend more money for fuel to go the same distance they would on regular gas. And that doesn’t include any future repair costs after the increased ethanol  mixture ruins engine components.

It is to the point that the Biden administration wants to be able to say they “lowered” gas prices before the midterms, without any care for the actual result, which is typical, so far. The White House has long valued shallow messaging over effective solutions. As long as the president can stand up at the teleprompter and mumble something, it’s all OK.

Another thought on this genius idea is how many gas stations do you know that are set up to pump E15? I don’t know of any in my area.  And with a little research, I found only 2,300 U.S. gas stations, about 1.5% of the country’s roughly 150,000 fueling stations sell E15 gas.

So, to be factual, this policy change by Biden will be ineffective on multiple fronts. The E15 blend itself is inefficient and damaging, but even if it weren’t, it is widely unavailable. There are proven ways to lower gas prices in the U.S. Instead of doing some of those, we are getting the equivalent of telling poor families they need to buy an electric car. When will the Biden administration quit pushing such stupidity?

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