Las Vegas Tennis Player Collapses During Match, Dies Suddenly at 43

A lifelong teens player collapsed on the court and later died during a match in Law Vegas this past week.

Doctors reportedly gave medical attention to Ryan Vannah for nearly an hour at Red Rock Country Club, but he was pronounced dead Sunday at Summerlin Hospital.

Vannah’s sister-in-law, Catherine, performed CPR but to no avail.

Vannah, 43, was playing in a mixed doubles tennis match last Sunday, when according to the Las Vegas Review Journal, he dropped to a knee, placed his hands on the court and laid down.

Vannah won the United States Tennis Association National Championship the last two years as part of a doubles team.

Doctors claim that he was on the wrong medication for his blood pressure.

After 55 minutes of CPR, he was rushed to a hospital and later pronounced dead.

A lifelong tennis player who had won the United States Tennis Association 40+ national championship in each of the last two years as part of a doubles team, Vannah’s family said he took “impeccable care of his health” but did have a history of high blood pressure.

“He was so fit. He lifted weights. He looked like a bodybuilder to me. He was huge. We did not see this coming,” said his sister, Tami Kang.

According to reports doctors watching the match rushed to perform CPR on Vannah, but after nearly an hour, his heart never restarted.

While the local coroner’s office has not yet ruled on an official cause and manner of death, according to the Review Journal, doctors and emergency medical staff said they believe Vannah was on the wrong medication for his blood pressure.

Vannah’s sudden death is just the latest in a string of bizarre incidents over the past few weeks.

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