Las Vegas School that Forces Masks on Students, Has No Problem Pepper Spraying Them to “Keep Order”

In the last 2 months I’ve had to report on several negative stories about the corrupt Clark County School Board who has left southern Nevada dead last in education. Board members have been ignoring the massive amount of teachers, parents, and voters that show up to every public meeting and doing whatever the hell they want to anyway. When election fraud guarantees you you’re seat, who cares what the People want? Shadow Ridge High School has been at the heart of this “woke” battle between concerned parents and radical leftist administrators. Last month over a 1,000 students went without eating for the day because the faculty was more worried about “social distancing” than getting the kids through the lunch line. Then Vice Preside Jimmie Gilmore accosted a student, stole his MAGA hat out of his backpack and destroyed it. Now an altercation between 2 students some how lead to the pepper spraying of an entire crowd of students that were there. This is their email to parents about it to confirm:

What the hell is going on with this school? The district was already short 750+ and hundreds more have walked off or have been calling out sick in protest of the forced vaccinations the school board passed despite a super majority of voters being against it, and now they’ve also taken to making exceptions by hiring unqualified staff to teach children as per their post below:

How about you do what the people want, unmask their children, stop forcing them to take COVID tests to play sports, stop tracking everywhere they go, stop indoctrinating them with your self loathing political bullshit, and not spray a crowd of kids with pepper spray because your “security” is too weak or lazy to pull two kids apart? Because it’s about their “health” and all, right?

Clark County School Board contact form: Phone: 702-799-1072 Mail: Administrative Center
5100 W. Sahara Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89146

AG Aaron Ford: 775-684-1100

Governor Steve Sisolak: 775-684-5670

Here’s all the office contact for the School Board:

Since I’ve been kicked off Twitter for posting proof of election fraud, you can follow me through my telegram or uncensored on GAB which you can bookmark through the DuckDuckGo app for easy access at @AmericanAFMindy

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