Nevada Commissioner Pushing Forced Vaccinations Despite Public Outcry Against It

Last week, concerned Nevada citizens filled the room in Las Vegas at the Clark County commissioners meeting, and overwhelmingly demanded an end to mandatory mask mandates and forced vaccinations being illegally placed on them by businesses and employers in the state. One after another, passionate Nevadans voiced concerns over why government officials were backsliding into mandates without giving them any other reason than the “CDC said so.” The videos of the heated public comment section of the commissioners meeting also went viral in the days after the meeting: (You can watch the speaker highlight reel courtesy of Travis Ebarb on YouTube “here” or “” )

After about 2-3 hours of 3 minute speeches during public comment, it was very clear what the majority opinion was. An easy 99% of the audience spoke out against mask mandates and forced vaccinations stating that they went against science, the Constitution, our personal freedom, and were destroying any chance we had of an economic recovery in Las Vegas. Considering commissioner Tick Segerblom was caught breaking his own mask mandate at a pub crawl the weekend before the meeting, you’d think they’d backtrack on the mandate just to not to look like a bunch a raging hypocrites:

You would think that the least they could is actively listen to the people they’re supposed to be representing….but instead most of them played on their phones and avoided eye contact with voters as they poured their hearts out to them at the podium.

After hours of nonstop testimony against masks and mandates….what did the commissioners do? Well if they’re Tick Segerblum, they went on your social media and doubled down on mandates and forced vaccinations instead:

Tick has been called one of the most “liberal” Democrats in the state, pushing for such “progressive” ideas as giving drug addicts free places to shoot up on the tax payer’s dime, legalizing the sex trade, and renaming McCarran airport after Harry Reid…one of the worst, most corrupt senators in Nevada’s history. He’s also concerned about cow farts…because who isn’t that a top priority for in these trying economic times:

Notice he says he’ll push to give addicts places to shoot up whether it’s “legal or not.” Clearly Tick Segerblom has no problem pushing his radical leftist ideas over the wants, need, and safety of the community. He’s a very, very proud socialist…not that he seems to know what socialism is at all:

Got tested for covid? That’s socialism! (it’s not.) The city subsidized a football team to spur (the capitalist) economy? That’s socialism! Someone donated supplies? That’s socialism! (No, that’s charity actually.) Socialism is forced and charity exists due to the success of capitalism. You literally have to rob from people to give to others to make socialism “work.” But I digress, the most concerning post he retweeted had to do with using covid to push Marxism, which is becoming more and more clear is his plan.

So I decided to call him, and to my surprise he actually agreed to an interview…which considering my video where I called him out by name went viral makes me think either wasn’t paying attention at all…or simply doesn’t care if his fascism is exposed. Nevada is a one party consent state, so I recorded the conversation so I can’t be accused of “twisting” his words later….and thankfully I did, because you won’t believe what he admitted to:

Me: “Would you say most of the crowd that was there was against mask mandates and forced vaccinations?” Tick: “A majority of the crowd? Yes.”

Me: “Do you have issues with the constitutionality of vaccine passports and forced vaccinations…it seems to be against the Constitution and as an elected official it is kind of your job to defend it?” Tick: “I don’t think it’s against the Constitution, I think the Constitution allows it.”

Me: What about medical freedom, religious and consciences objection, there are things in the Constitution that (say) you can’t, on top of the fact this isn’t FDA approved it’s still experimental…and you haven’t addressed the people with natural immunity and they’re being forced to take a vaccine that’s going to have side effects when they have natural immunity…what’s your stance on that?” Tick: “That’s just a price we have to pay.” Me: “Our freedom?! Oh ok.

Me: So you’re going to go against the will of the People and pretty much everyone in your own county, and the Constitution, and Science, and you’re going to push forced vaccinations on human beings with an untested product…is that you’re final stance?” Tick: “……..yes.”

While Tick admitted that the room was overwhelmingly in favor of ending mandates and against forced vaccinations, he dismissed them away as not being the “real” public opinion, that he’s been in politics since 1977 (this is why we need term limits) and that he knew what voters “really” wanted…even though apparently none of the people he’s talking about decided to show up that day. He dismissed the crowd as an “organized protest” whose opinions didn’t matter or represent the people. Here is a (supposedly) elected official that absolutely does not care what the majority of the voters he represents wants…as long as he can use covid to backdoor the fascist policies necessary to push his radical socialist agenda. Considering that Nevada’s elections themselves are heavily suspect, with government officials ignoring and denying the hundreds of signed affidavits from voters demanding a forensic audit into the 2020 election and even threatening people just for asking…it begs the question, are these people currently in “charge” actually holding office legitimately? With more than half of Americans and even a third of Democrats believing fraud occurred in the 2020 election….why not just do the audit they demand and settle it once and for all? The truth is that if there was election fraud….then aren’t we basically asking and expecting the people that committed the fraud to investigate and expose themselves? Wouldn’t innocent people gladly welcome an audit instead of fighting it nail and tooth?

Since Tick Segerblum doesn’t believe Nevada voter’s opinions matter, and that he knows what’s best for the state even if it goes against science, the Constitution, and what’s good for the economy….maybe he just needs more “input.”

Tick Segerblom – District E. County Commissioner. (702) 455-3503

For the record, Tick wasn’t the only commissioner doubling down on mandates against the will of the people.

Gee, you think Justin “Get the Vax” Jones has an agenda? Justin Jones – District F. (702) 455-3500

Commissioner chairman Marilyn Kirkpatrick was also heard by several people at the meeting including local activist Susan Profitt talking under the mic to the other commissioners, that they’re “going to have to discuss punitive actions for those that don’t comply.” Kirkpatrick can deny she said it all she wants, but we’ll see what actions she ends up taking…as I don’t see her rushing to end the mandates that everyone in that room wanted either.

What’s going on here? It used to be that the ONLY thing elected official cared about was public opinion…but these tyrants couldn’t give a lick about what their job is supposed to be at all. These people are 100% acting like they know the election system is rigged in their favor, and that all they have to do is listen to and then do whatever their establishment overlords tell them to. What are we supposed to do as citizens when our own “elected” officials refuse to listen to us? What are we supposed to do when we can’t even vote them out? What are we supposed to do when those in charge of defending our rights in the Constitution are the ones taking them away? Stop paying taxes? Maybe… “no taxation without representation” is exactly how we became a country. Perform citizen’s arrests on them for maladministration and dereliction of duties? Maybe… it’s legal in the state of Nevada, but individuals can be sued later on if they can’t prove the person was guilty. What these commissioners are doing is beyond unacceptable, and if they think we’re going to just bend over and take it…then they have underestimated the fortitude of a state full of angry, disenfranchised citizenry.

Marilyn Kirkpatrick- Chairman: (702) 455-3500

James B. Gibson – District G. (702) 455-5561

Michael Naft – District A. County Commissioner. (702) 455-3500

William McCurdy II – District D. County Commissioner. (702) 455-3239

Ross Miller – District C. County Commissioner. (702) 455-4901

If you’d like to participate in demanding as audit to receive your very own county recorder hate mail, you can find directions at the bottom of the article “here” and the PDF file for the affidavit “here.”

Since I’ve been kicked off Twitter for posting proof of election fraud, you can follow me on either through my telegram or uncensored on GAB which you can bookmark through the DuckDuckGo app for easy access at @AmericanAFMindy

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