Larry the Cable Guy SCORCHES Joe Biden in Epic Tweet, Triggered Liberals Outraged Trying to Defend Biden in Afghanistan

Americans have already had enough of the trial run of socialism under the Biden White House, and as you’ve noticed over the weekend, it’s taken a dramatic change for the worse.

American troops are now in harms way, as well as thousands of Americans in Afghanistan under the botched pull out of the region by the Biden administration.

Larry the Cable Guy summed it up nicely for most Americans in one simple tweet.

“Our country’s leadership right now reminds me of a wal-mart on Black Friday when only 2 cashiers are working and no one can find a manager.”

The liberal idiot sticks trying to spin it in favor of the guy who couldn’t fill up 30 circles on a lawn was equally hilarious.

Look at the moronic responses from liberals still trying to blame Trump who had nothing to do with the disaster that is American foreign policy right now. So they started attacking Larry as mental midgets normally do. But don’t worry about Ole Larry, he gives it back as good as he gets it 🙂

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Erika DeLauder
Erika DeLauder
1 year ago

Due to all the thousands upon thousands of people who have taken the SHOT within the last 3 months…the mass amount of dying will begin around March 2023 and continue for months on end. Even a dose of Hydroxychloroquine would not work as an antidote in this case. The death rate will be so overwhelming we non-vaxxed will be forced, at gunpoint, to round up the bodies for mass public incineration to decrease the possibility of a diphtheria outbreak which will still occur. Earth itself will be a WALKING DEAD hell hole. The New Democratic Gestapo movement of the now… Read more »