KO! Josh Hawley Unloads on Democrats in Barr Hearing (VIDEO)

The U.S. Senator from the State of Missouri unloaded on his Democratic colleagues in Wednesday’s Barr hearings. He said what EVERY American was thinking.

Hawley read a very important part of a text message from Peter Strzok talking to Lisa Page.

“Just went to a southern Virginia Walmart, I could smell the Trump support. Smell is capitalized by the way.”

“An UN-elected bureaucrat who clearly has open disdain if not outright hatred for Trump voters, like the people of my state for instance. I could smell the Trump support? Then tried to overturn the results of a democratic election. That’s what’s really gone on here, that’s the story, that’s why we’re here today.”

Hawley continued unloading on the Democrats.

“I cannot believe that a top official of this government with the kind of power that these people had, would try to exercise their own prejudices, that’s what this is, it’s open, blatant, prejudice. Would try to use that to try in order to overturn a democratic election. In my mind, that’s the real crisis here. And it is a crisis here, because if there’s not accountability, and this can go on in the United States of America, then my goodness we don’t have a democracy anymore.”

If you’re confused by what’s going on with the Mueller Investigation, Mueller Report, Barr Hearings, have no fear. Because Senator Josh Hawley summarized the truth in less than two minutes. This was truly amazing.

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