Kids Turn Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom into Water Park as Thunderstorm Floods Streets

A stormy day turned into fun at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom theme park for some guests, because when you’re a kid who’s happy, you make the most out of any situation.

Cassie Claire Chase shared some photos with our friends at Fox 35 News of the flooded streets at the theme park on Thursday after a thunderstorm rolled through. However instead of finding shelter, the kids took advantage and cooled off from the Florida mugginess and heat.

In fact, it looked like a water park for a few minutes!

The photos racked up over 3,000 comments and turned a rainy day into a fun day.

“That’s really cool. Disney be like ‘that’s an extra 50.00 for water park entrance,'” wrote on commenter.

“Wow! Now that looks like a good time.”

Another asked, “How much of that was backed up sewage?”

Thanks to our friends at Fox 35 for contributing to this article.

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Nathan Hale
Nathan Hale
1 year ago

Wait Till The Corpses Of Tortured Infants and Children Float out of The Tunnels Like in Germany and Austria… and Coming Soon To a Cabal Controlled Flood Zone Near You!!