Kevin Hart Trolls Dwayne Johnson In Hilarious Halloween Sketch

How about we start off your first Friday in November with a little humor.

Despite Kevin Hart undergoing rehabilitation for a devastating car crash that injured his back, he’s still found time to troll his best mate.

While The Rock has built an incredible career (both in the ring and onscreen) off being a machine that can cut you down with just one look, he has a few photos from his past that make us laugh.

One of those is, by far, a photo of Dwayne Johnson sporting a small tuft of hair with classic 90s jeans, a black turtleneck and a bum bag.

So, it wouldn’t take a genius to mock up this look for Halloween – and who could do it better than Kevin Hart?

The Hollywood star showed up at a house where The Rock was hosting trick or treaters and gave the former wrestler some stick for having terrible style back in the day.

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