Keep an Eye on Georgia

Much to the dismay of many, Georgia is going to tell us a lot in the next couple weeks.  Science is about experimentation and observation.  Georgia is running the experiment we all get to watch and it will take a couple of weeks of observation.

We know there is a delay between exposures and hospitalizations.  The news media will be trying to convince you that next Monday’s numbers are the results of Friday’s re-openings.  Let that play out.

What we will be able to observe right away is how responsibly business owners, employees and customers of re-opened businesses are behaving.
Do business owners and customers behave responsibly?  Do hospitalizations and deaths start trending us significantly?Will there be reduced occupancy?  Use of masks and gloves?  Reduced hours?  Increased Sanitation?

We hope to see evidence that people can take steps to reduce transmission while they are returning to a more normal way of living.  We will be disappointed if we don’t.  Keep in mind the media and naysayers will also be looking to sensationalize and highlight those who aren’t being responsible and that doesn’t make it okay.  In fact, it makes it more important that we demonstrate that we are mitigating the risks that come with freedom in practical ways.

Thank you to our friends at Responsible Rebellion for this article.

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