Kayleigh McEnany Explains Obamagate In Under 3 Minutes (VIDEO)

We all know that our new Press Secretary is an absolute badass. She continues to prove it on a daily bases.

The press continues to test her, and each time they get obliterated.

McEnany just laid out the perfect explanation of Obamagate in under 3 minutes.

“We know that there was a lot of wrongdoing in the case of Michael Flynn. The FBI notes, for instance, that said, ‘Should we,’ quote, ‘get him to lie,’ as they pontificated their strategy,” McEnany continued. “We know that the identity of this three-decade general was leaked to the press — a criminal leak to the press of his identity in violation of his Fourth Amendment rights. These are very serious questions. They’ve been ignored by the media for far too long.  And I’m very glad that I think that is the second question that I have fielded on Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, because justice does matter. Those questions, they matter.”

Watch the full video below:

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