Kayleigh McEnany: Biden’s fault for Taliban preparing to march on Kabul

Former Trump White House Press Secretary on Saturday morning took to Fox News and hammered President Joe Biden blaming him for what’s happening in Afghanistan. She’s right!

Just four days ago, the idiots running U.S. Intelligence said Kabul could fall in 90 days, now they say it could be just 72 hours. This is how bad our military and intelligence is under the Biden regime.

The Biden administration has sent in 3,000 marines to evacuate the United States Embassy in Kabul.

McEnany laid out facts and hammered the Biden White House.

“Axios came out with a report saying that there has been ‘a stunning reversal of expectations’ among Biden’s top aides. They’ve basically conceded that we will not have a diplomatic presence there as of August 31. They used to believe that they would have time to negotiate an exit, time to make sure our diplomats were safe, this is stunning.”

Lawrence asked, “Who’s fault is this Kayleigh?”

“McEnany: “This is Joe Biden’s fault. Mike Pompeo and President Trump made it very clear to the Taliban, when we’re out, you’re not touching an American. They made clear that there were deterrence models, there were ways to make sure that we kept that country safe.”

She continued..

McEnany: “Under Biden it’s crumbling, we’re going to see that American flag Lawrence come down off of that American Embassy a place that we’ve occupied for years and years and years. I hope that it doesn’t happen, but it’s certainly working that way.”

Lawrence: “We’re already getting information from sources there on the ground that they were told to shred all information just in case it’s INVADED… As an American how do you feel about that?”

MeEnany: “Let me say, this was not just a place where diplomats operated, it wasn’t just an Embassy, it was also an Intel gathering depository, so they have to destroy those documents, they have plans in place of that.

Watch the full interview below.

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