Kamala Harris Uses Child Actor in Photo Op For NASA Video, He Just Burned The Whole Thing To The Ground

That’s right, everything about the Kamala Harris video with the child and NASA was staged, and the kid is a paid actor. Is there anything about this administration that’s real America?

Never forget that Kamala Harris was so popular in primary polling that she was at 7% in her home state of California.

Now Harris has been caught hiring child actors for a bizarre space video, but why?

One of the kids was just on a local news station in California and revealed that her entire space video was staged.


The teen who played the part is Trevor Bernardino, he’s a freshman at York school in Monterrey and a space enthusiast he says. He tells KSBW news that he had to send in a monologue of himself talking bout what he’s passionate about.

He also had to send in three questions he would ask a world leader, and then the next step, he had to interview the director of the production.

Trevor Bernardino: And then after that, like a week later, my agent called me. He’s like, hey, Trevor, you booked it.

Trevor only knew he was going to Washington DC in August to interview someone. But he knew it was big.

Trevor Bernardino: Me, my mom, my dad, we were speculating who could be this important that we meet them in DC?

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11 months ago

“Is there anything about this administration that’s real America?” I’ll rephrase the question: Is there anything this administration will not do to deceive the public, the citizen’s of this country. NO! They are truly becoming masters of deceit.