Kamala Harris Urges the Supreme Court to Side on Feelings

Saturday morning Kamala Harris made several mentions on her social media accounts in regards to the Supreme Court agreeing to hear the President’s census ruling.

Harris urged the Supreme Court by saying “Adding a citizenship question to the census is a blatant attempt to undermine the idea that everyone should be counted in America.”

Kamala, everyone should be counted, and why are you so worried about seeing the numbers of illegal aliens? It couldn’t be because it’s a major issue among democrats and republicans could it?

She continued, “It’s critical that the Supreme Court sides with the people so the census isn’t used a political weapon by this Administration.”

No Kamala, it’s not critical or okay for the Supreme Court of the United States to side based on your feelings. The Supreme Court is here to uphold the United States Constitution and the laws of the land.

The Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether the Trump administration can add a citizenship question to the 2020 census, and the hearing is expected to take place in April.

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