Kamala Harris Skips High-Profile Border Security Meeting in Mexico, to Play Bingo in New Jersey Instead

The person supposedly in charge of securing America’s border can’t be bothered to do so, she’s too busy playing Bingo!

Instead of joining a high level border security meeting in Mexico City, Vice President Kamala Harris known as America’s “Border Czar” was playing bingo and bought cupcakes in New Jersey instead.

She was of course dispatched to New Jersey for a photo op at a daycare center at Montclair State University and at a vaccination site in Newark, according to Fox News. While in Newark, she also made a pit stop at a local bakery, according to the New York Post.

During her trip to the vaccination site, she said the Biden administration is winning the fight against COVID-19, according to NJ.com.

We’re wondering if she realizes that more people have now died of Covid-19 in2021 than in all of 2020? Strange isn’t it how if this was Trump as President the media would be in a frenzy.

“There will be an end to this,” she said. “We really feel we are starting to get in front of this.”

As Harris posed, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Attorney General Merrick Garland were in Mexico City for meetings with Mexican officials about the illegal migration crisis that has overwhelmed the southern border.

11 Republican Senators sent a letter to President Joe Biden addressing the border crisis and the fact that Vice President Harris has done nothing!

We write to ask that you appoint a new Border Czar to replace Vice President Harris, who completely failed to work with neighboring countries to stem the flow of illegal migrants into our country and secure the border. In fact, things have only gotten worse since her appointment as Border Czar,” the letter read.

“Despite these alarming numbers, the Vice President only visited the southern border once, and that visit was hundreds of miles from the epicenter of the surge.

“Even her trip to Guatemala and Mexico intended to address the ‘root causes’ of illegal immigration into America was a public relations disaster with absolutely no substantive policy commitments from neighboring countries,” the senators wrote.

“Many of these migrants — despite originally being from Haiti — reported they came from South and Central America. Many stated that they made the dangerous journey because you, and Vice President Harris, promised to open America’s borders,” the letter continued.

“Vice President Harris has done absolutely nothing to help secure our border, develop a strategy to partner with our neighbors, or even talk to the American people about the border crisis.

“It is stunning that America’s Border Czar was silent as thousands of Haitian migrants illegally crossed the border, and set up a de facto refugee camp in America.

“Now, with estimates that tens of thousands of additional migrants are headed toward the southern border, it is essential you replace Vice President Harris as Border Czar with someone more qualified and engaged for this important role,” the letter read.

Noting that the border has been an “unmitigated disaster” under Biden and that “many of your policies are making the situation worse,” the senators said America needs a border czar “who is prepared, and willing to engage, to address the crisis at the southern border.”

Thanks to our friends at Western Journal for contributing to this article.

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