Just Like America, Half of President Trump’s Staff Are Women

This is a phenomenal piece from our friends over at The Washington Examiner about the staffing of the President’s administration.

Just as the title says, America is made up of 50% women, and so is the President’s staff.

The following is from The Washington Examiner:

It’s been said since the Reagan era that “personnel is policy.”

So when we reviewed new White House staffing numbers, it came as a bit of a surprise that in an administration led by a president often accused as anti-women in his policies and sometimes words, nearly half of the staff are women.

What’s more, one-quarter, or 56, hold top “commissioned” jobs, including the directors of domestic policy, legislative affairs, political affairs, cabinet affairs, the press and communications offices, the personnel office, and 11 others.

“That seems sizable,” said Kathryn Tenpas, a nonresident senior fellow for Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution. “I don’t think the numbers look bad,” she added.

You can read more of this phenomenal report from our friends over at The Washington Examiner. They give some insanely detailed numbers on the President’s staff.

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