JUST IN: ‘The View’ Apologizes for Wrongly Saying Neo-Nazi Protestors Were Part of Turning Point USA

The Turning Point USA flagship event took place in Tampa, Florida over the weekend, and it wasn’t without resistance from protestors.

Idiot stick dressed up as lunatics with Nazi flags and anti-semitic signs attempted to disrupt the Turning Point SAS(Student Action Summit) and were quickly sent on their way by conservatives in attendances and the media.

But that didn’t stop The View from trying to smear TPUSA, claiming that there was a link to the Neo-Nazi group with the conference.

Wednesday, following the threat of legal action, The View issued a formal, on air apology to Turning Point USA for their comments.

“On Monday we talked about the fact that there were openly neo-Nazi demonstrators outside the Florida Student Action Summit of the Turning Point USA group,” co-host Sara Haines began, though that was not a fact at all.

“We wanna make clear that these demonstrators were gathered outside the event and that they were not invited or endorsed by Turning Point USA.”

In the original discussion, the beacon of hope and light herself co-host Whoopi Goldberg had suggested the Neo-Nazis were inside the event, a statement that she was forced to correct later during that show.

Haines then went on to say that TPUSA “100 percent condemn those ideologies.”

TPUSA explained that security tried to remove the demonstrators, but could not due so because they were on public property.

During their discussion of the event, “The View” had suggested that the Student Action Summit was a “Republican Party event.” That statement was also withdrawn and corrected.

“We apologize for anything we said that may have been unclear on these points,” Haines concluded.

One of the top podcasters in America Tim Pool tee’d off on The View on his show, check it out below. “It’s all just outright lies.”

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