Slowly American companies and citizens have had enough of this shut down. The first company to make plans to reopen, is a liberal one you know them as Starbucks.

“Beginning May 4th, Starbucks will reopen as many stores as we can with modified operations and best in class safety measures, and intend for any partner who is healthy and well to come back to work,” stated Rossann Williams EVP and president of U.S. company operated business and Canada.

Her letter was in response to a letter to employees today from CEO Kevin Johnson who said the company will transition to a new phase of operations in the U.S., “best described as ‘monitor and adapt,’ based on experience in China during COVID-19.”

Johnson said the new model will gradually expand and shift the customer experience we enable in our stores.  Some stores will continue as drive-thru only, others may utilize mobile ordering for contactless pickup and delivery and others may reopen for to-go ordering.

Some Starbucks storefronts have remained open, where possible, with safety protocols and limited operations as an essential business,   The company has tested service options in over 300 U.S. stores over the last few weeks, which included contactless service, entryway pickway, curbside delivery and at-home delivery.

Per Mr. Johnson, all employees are being paid for 30 days regardless if they are working or not.  This service pay will be paid through May, which gives an additional $3 per hour to healthy employees who choose to work, while the company will also extend “catastrophe pay” for employees who have been diagnosed or exposed to COVID-19 and are quarantined.
For more visit or friends at ABC News.

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