JUST IN: Mueller Report Shows Russians Favored Bernie Sanders

Since the release of the Mueller report, the media has been trying to spin any little thing in the report to paint the picture that President Trump obstructed justice.

One thing that the media is deciding not to talk about is that on page 23 of the report, Mueller clearly states that the same company that attempted to collude with the Trump campaign, also supported Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

Check out what Big League Politics reported:

The IRA is the company responsible for the “Russian internet trolls” that produced and promoted content meant to sway the results of the election. And in their communications, they make it clear that it isn’t just President Trump they support, but also Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

This means that many of the supporters for Sanders’ massive campaign that nearly defeated Hillary Clinton could simply be trolls, according the fake news narrative of the last 2.5 years.

It is unlikely that many media outlets will spend much time discussing this, as the narrative appears to have already been made that it is Trump that Russians wanted elected.

But as the report makes clear, President Trump and his campaign never colluded with the Russians, and any support coming from the IRA, or any other Russian interest was not in coordination with the Trump campaign.

Weird how the media is deciding to not report on this very important piece of information.

One of the only truthful voices in the media who is calling out other members in the media for their extreme bias is Tucker Carlson. During his show after the release of the full Mueller report, Carlson hammered the fake news media saying that the Mueller report is “perhaps the single most humiliating thing that has ever happened to the White House Press in the history of this Country.”

“So, after two long years, here we are. It’s hard to believe that any of it actually happened. Looking back, it was two years of unremitting, never diminishing hysteria about Russia,” Carlson’s said during his monologue. “It was a continuous wave of panic and superstition over unseen Slovak interference, all stoked by the very people we’re told are the most rational in our society.”

“It seems like a dream now, which actually it was,” Carlson continued. “None of it was real. Nobody colluded with Vladimir Putin. Nobody changed vote totals or met secretly in Prague or had a pee tape, whatever that is. There was never a Russia conspiracy.Hillary Clinton wasn’t robbed of her rightful position by Julian Assange or Roger Stone or anyone else. Hillary lost the election because she was an entitled boor who didn’t run on anything. In the end, that’s what Robert Mueller proved.”

In regards to the Mueller report, Carlson noted that the media “couldn’t handle that conclusion. It was too far from what they promised their audiences for so long. They were too invested in the lies. When the Mueller report arrived in Congress Thursday morning, they found themselves reduced to huffing and sputtering. They couldn’t admit what was in the report. Well, they told us, ‘Robert Mueller didn’t exonerate President Trump.’ 

Okay, I mean, that may be true, but only theologically. Mueller doesn’t have the power to absolve sin, only God can. But in every other sense, Mueller’s report was exculpatory. If dozens of federal prosecutors spent two years trying to charge you with a crime and then found they couldn’t, it would mean there wasn’t any real evidence that you did it. And that’s what happened here.”

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