JUST IN: Michael Bloomberg Preparing to Enter Democrat Presidential Primary

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is preparing to enter the Democratic presidential primary, according to multiple reports.

The 2020 Democrat field is so bad, expect for Bloomberg to jump to the top spot in the polls almost immediately sources say.

The former New York City mayor and billionaire businessman is expected to file paperwork this week to place his name on the Alabama primary ballot, according to multiple reports.

That’s right America, the same guy who wants to take your guns away, also wants to tell you how big of a soda you can buy. That guy is going to be the Democrat front runner. That’s how crazy the left has become.

Bloomberg is worth $53B For perspective, he could afford a $100K condo for every one of 500,000+ homeless in America—& w/$3B remaining—still be one of America’s 300 wealthiest people.

Will Bloomberg hurt or help the Democrats?

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