JUST IN: Massive Fire ‘Mysteriously Occurs’ and Kills Over 100,000 Chickens at Egg Farm in Connecticut [VIDEO INSIDE]

More than 100 firefighters worked tirelessly to put out a massive fire at a large egg farm in Bozrah, Connecticut on Saturday, yet another mysterious fire surrounding chickens, eggs, and meat processing plants around America.

Firefighters said the fire was in a 50 foot by 600 foot operating chicken coop at Hillandale Farms on Schwartz road.

The fire was so big that crews from 16 surrounding fire departments joined in, including the towns of Colchester, East Haddam, Salem, Gardner Lake, Lebanon, Franklin, Yantic and Sterling, Taftville, Montville, Oakdale and Lisbon and more than 100 firefighters total responded to the scene.

According to the Colchester Fire Department, there were shockingly water issues and more tankers were called in.

After approximately 4.5 hours with the help of 16 surrounding departments and more than 100 firefighters, the fire was brought under control with no injuries to any civilians or firefighters.

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It is currently unclear what may have caused the fire.

The Salvation Army is on the scene providing food and nourishment for first responders.

The Department of Agriculture has been in touch with the leadership at Hillandale, and an investigation is said to be underway. The DOA is not responding yet, but is continuing to monitor the situation.


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