JUST IN: Massachusetts Judge Indicted for Helping Illegal Evade ICE Arrest

Judge Shelley Richmond Joseph was indicted Thursday on charges for blocking ICE agents from detaining a two time deported illegal alien.

The Newton trial court judge Joseph was charged alongside her court officer Wesley MacGregor with conspiracy to obstruct justice, obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting, and obstruction of a federal proceeding.

According to The Gateway Pundit, the indictment stems from an April 2018 incident from when the activist judge and her partner-in-crime helped Jose Medina-Perez, slip out of the courthouse covertly through a back door to evade ICE agents.

Jose Medina-Perez had been deported two times and had a fugitive warrant out for his arrest for drunk driving and had been arraigned on narcotics charges — this is who Judge Shelley Joseph wants lurking around in society.

“This case is about the rule of law. The allegations in today’s indictment involve obstruction by a sitting judge, that is intentional interference with the enforcement of federal law, and that is a crime,” U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts Andrew Lelling said Thursday

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