JUST IN: Maricopa County Drops STUNNING Big Sunday Numbers, Claims Only 54% Went to Kari Lake from Election Day: Also Claims Independents Went to Hobbs

Some shocking Sunday numbers released out of Maricopa County where apparently they somehow counted bigger and better than ever before, now released 97,000 ballots tonight.

According to the numbers and votes counted, GOP front runner Kari Lake won ONLY 54.6% of the votes from election day! That means that the party of stay at home and mail them in had 45% Democrats in the line on Election Day, does anyone really believe this?

County officials insist Independents are going for Katie Hobbs and Democrats. Independents rarely vote Democrat, this is also stunning news.

Kari Lake only gained 8,911 in Maricopa County. So now they expect you believe the Democrats came out in record numbers in Maricopa County on Election Day?

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Lake did better in Pinal County, which is somewhat liberal.

Kari Lake will need to win about 70% of the next dumps to pull ahead and beat Katie Hobbs.

About 160,000 ballots remain in the state of Arizona to be counted. Kari needs to win about 58% of these remaining votes.

We still do not know what happened to Election Day votes that were dropped in box 3 and mixed with already counted ballots after tabulation failures.

Thanks to our friends at The Gateway Pundit for contributing to this article.

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Love DJT
Love DJT
15 days ago

Why doesn’t anybody doing anything about all this cheating? This cheating crap is getting so old

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