JUST IN: Federal Judge DENIES State of Oregon’s Request to Stop U.S. Federal Agents from Arresting Rioters

Big news coming out of the state of Oregon on Friday afternoon as a federal judge has denied the states request to stop federal agents from arresting those breaking the law.

Yes, this is a real story, and if you live in Oregon, you really should think about who you actually vote for in November.

U.S. District Judge Michael Mosman said the state lacked standing to sue on behalf of protesters.

Rioters have caused unrest in the city for over a month now, and the President vowed to squash the insurrection of Marxists trying to cause anarchy in U.S. cities.

All of this of course aims from the death of George Floyd, a 6X felon who held a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly while his five other partners could rob and ransack her home. They also beat the hell out of her. This is who the left tries to make a martyr out of, and it’s quite sad, and the majority of Americans are tired of it.

Liberal Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum sued the Trump Administration last week, alleging that federal agents have arrested protesters without probably cause, whisked them away in unmarked cars and used excessive force. U.S. authorities deny those accusations.

David Morrell, an attorney for the U.S. government, called the motion “extraordinary” and told the judge in a hearing this week that it was based soley on “a few threadbare declarations” from witnesses and a Twitter video. Morrell called the protests “dangerous and volatile.”

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2 years ago

These communist democrat state governments need to realize that they are subservient to the federal government! The Constitution gives them only the powers the founders felt to be unimportant enough to belabor the federal government!