JUST IN: Congressman Matt Gaetz Says Donald Trump Should Pick Sarah Huckabee Sanders for his Vice President in 2024 in Epic Interview with Tim Pool [VIDEO INSIDE]

Congressman Matt Gaetz joined Tim Pool’s Timcast IRL podcast on Friday evening the 13th, for one of the most amazing interviews we’ve ever heard from a United States Congressman or Congresswoman. It was absolutely phenomenal.

We encourage any of you, regardless of political affiliation to go and listen to this interview, it’s fascinating what Gaetz unveils about things in Washington, D.C. and how the swamp operates.

One of the more notable takes from the solid interview was Matt Gaetz choice for who former President Donald J. Trump should pick as his Vice Presidential candidate.

“Who do you think Trump’s VP pick should be?” The question was posed, and Matt Gaetz didn’t even hesitate with his answer. Not even a pause.

“Sarah Huckabee Sanders,” Gaetz belted out.

Gaetz continued…

“Assuming she does a good job as Governor of Arkansas, and I assume she will.”

Timcast: “Is there a reason why?”

Gaetz: “Yeah, I think the reason Trump won in 2016 is because a whole lot of women who didn’t like him voted for him because they could not stand telling their daughters and granddaughters that Hillary Clinton was the first female President of the United States.”

Gaetz: “What I’ve said to President Trump is you have to create a permissions structure where women who do not like you vote for you again. You see the grit of a Sarah Huckabee Sanders. You see the directness, the efficacy, really bold steps her first days as governor, banning TikTok on a lot of the government devices there. She’s the kind of person I’d look at!”

Geatz also said that South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem would also be a good choice if Trump didn’t choose Sanders. He makes great points, Trump is going to have to win a solid percentage of women and suburban moms to win in 2024.

You could tell this is something that’s been discussed as Gaetz was ready for the question, didn’t hesitate, and went right into it. Which means the Trump campaign is really ahead of the curve headed into the 2024 presidential elections, possibly much more than we saw in 2016 and 2020.

You can watch the full interview with Tim Pool and Timcase IRL with Congressman Matt Gaetz below, its’ phenomenal!

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