JUST IN: California to Prohibit the Sale of New Gasoline Cars by 2035

The insane liberals running the state of California

You hear that, Californians? You’ve got less than 13 years to start saving up 60 grand for an electric car. Which I’m sure will be easy given the affordable cost of living in that state.

The industry is already having production downfalls and massive shortfalls, but don’t let stressed supply chains and unforeseen cost challenges for Electric Vehicles.

According to Axios, The California Air Resources Board will vote Thursday on a rule requiring all new vehicles to be fossil-fuel-free by 2035. They are widely expected to make the move after Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order in 2020 calling for the insane tyrannical goal.

“It’s ambitious, it’s pioneering, it’s what we must do if we’re going to leave this planet better for future generations,” Lauren Sanchez, senior climate adviser to Newsom, said Wednesday on a conference call.

According to reports, 15% of California auto sales were Electric Vehicles in the first half of 2022, proving once again how the moronic state ran by liberals keeps electing them.

“We always reserve the right to amend the regulation at any point,” Jennifer Gress, CARB’s sustainable transportation chief, said on the conference call. “We will certainly be monitoring this one closely is — how is the market doing.”

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