JUST IN: Attorney General Bill Barr Backs President Trump on National Emergency (VIDEO)

Happening Now: Attorney General William Barr has backed up President Trump with a National Emergency on the Southern Border. He says President Trump is well within his rights to declare a National Emergency.

“The National Emergencies Act directly authorizes the President, gives broad authority to the President, to identify and respond to emergent circumstances that require a decisive response.”

“The humanitarian and security crisis that we currently have right now on the border is exactly the type of emergency that presidents are permitted to address.” -AG, William Barr

“Mr. President your declaration of an emergency on the southern border was clearly authorized under the law and consistent with past precedent” -AG, William Barr

To the liberals and RINO’s who’ve worked diligently to obstruct Justice and put the United States in harms way, good luck beating William Barr in court, you’ll need it.

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