JUST IN: 2000 Mules and True the Vote Prisoner Catherine Engelbrecht Gives Update from Federal Prison After Spending Two Days in Solitary Confinement [AUDIO INSIDE]

The corrupt doings in America are something you’d expect to see in Russia or China, or Iran. Not America, but the hits just keep on rolling.

Monday Federal Judge Kenneth Hoyt held True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht and True the Vote Investigator Gregg Phillips in contempt of Court over their refusal to identify a confidential informant who helped them obtain information that led to the discovery and, later, evidence that the East Lansing, Michigan based election software company Konnech was storing election related data servers in China.

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office has accused Yu of stealing personal identifying information of poll workers. The office alleged that such data was stored on servers in China, in violation of Konnech’s contract with Los Angeles County.

Superior Court of Los Angeles County Judge Victoria Wilson ruled that Yu be released on a $500,000 bond and remain under house arrest until his next hearing, which is set for Nov. 17. Yu was ordered to remain in Los Angeles County and wear an ankle monitor.

Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips are now political prisoners and the ones behind the bombshell Dinesh D’Souza 2000 Mules movie that used geofencing date to uncovered an alleged massive ballot-harvesting and voter fraud plot in several key states across American in 2020. Our own Matt Couch attending the premier with President Trump, Dinesh D’Souza, and others at Mar-a-Lago back in May.

On the night before their arrest and imprisonment, Catherine posted a poignant and touching message to the Truth warriors who continue to investigate the evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election:

The night before their arrest and imprisonment by a crooked federal judge, Catherine made this post to all of the Patriots and those seeking the truth:

Hi friends. Writing on the eve of what appears to be jail time. 

Still praying it doesn’t happen. But if it does, be assured we won’t be gone forever. More importantly, know this:

Be strong. Be courageous. Lead with love. We are a lot more alike than we are different. You have been entrusted to hold the line for this time. You can do it. Finish strong.

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This afternoon, True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht shared the following message on Truth Social and in her message she called for her and Gregg Phillips’s immediate release:

True the Vote calls for the immediate release of founder Catherine Engelbrecht and contractor Gregg Phillips, who were jailed for contempt on October 31 st for refusing to deliver to Konnech the name of the third party who was present at a presentation of evidence of Konnech’s wrongdoing. 

This evidence was initially provided to the Federal Bureau of Investigations in Q1 of 2021. In Q3 2022, information was provided to the LA District Attorney’s office in their investigation of Konnech, which resulted in the arrest of CEO Eugene Yu. 

True the Vote attorneys are expediting an appeal seeking to have Engelbrecht and Phillips released Catherine Engelbrecht said, “Trust, honesty, and respect will always be our highest values regarding both our work and our lives.

As a result, we will be held in jail until we agree to give up the name of a person we believe was not covered under the terms of the judge’s TRO. 

We ask that you keep us in your prayers. 

Thank you to those who continue supporting and believing in us and our mission to make elections safe for all parties and for all people.”

Thanks to our friends at The Gateway Pundit and 100 percent fed up for contributing to this article.

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Catherine good to hear you. Yes on voting. Thank you Jesus for being with Catherine and Gregg…thank you for keep strengthening them with Your faith growing stronger each day.

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